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An explorer fierce of"a dark and unknown territory of what he calls "Menterama". Rudy Rucker in this book is devoted to a topic that has always fascinated anyone with a modicum of interest in mathematics and the imagination. The dimensions going beyond the third that already known, from the fourth (time?) until the infinite Hilbert space. Rucker manages this feat by combining divergent virtue of the narrator and the rigorous of scientist, as if to hold in his hand every Flatland reader and help each to dive in "spaces with more than three dimensions." Gradually, almost without realizing it, we will be projected in a remote area where scientific speculation ends meet with absolute naturalness and the I-Ching and the synchronicity of Pauli and Yung I'm not a scientist or professor of mathmatics, just I like space, time and geometric lines. The Cartesian Plane and Cube are my room...I live in my world and I want be happy. Full Power Spacedelic