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Spruce is the Norwegian tree/human-hybrid currently residing in Oslo. Being born in 92, he spent his early sonical days listening to the awful garbage of 90's mainstream pop, but during the hardships of waldorf school and spontaenous self-awareness accumulation, (and with the help of a father who strategically played vivaldi, bach, 50's jazz, dvorak etc since his early infancy) he broke free into pangenreism quite early, starting with the medicoreness of KoRn, through the necesseties of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Zeppelin etc, into the magical epicness of Opeth, Tool, Doors, Porcupine Tree.. Then he ate acid and heard Shpongle.

Needless to say, there was no turning back, as he could finally picture the entire adventure. And so with thorough chillum-firekeeping, sporadic tryptamine-induced serotonergic excitation, some Salvia and a pinch of eccentricity, he graduated an extremely mundane music school, picking up tonal basics of genres still missed, until finally he discovered Psykovsky. And so there was this great reordering of thoughts, and everything become clearer..

So now he's dedicated himself to the tao of music, the most intricate communication; painting the way between the contractions of gravity and expansions of sentrifugal movement; pulled between the fundamental entropy and teleological novelty; parodying the auditive conceptuality-attachment; pushing the ontological buttons of inner-ear-hair-mandalas; atleast trying, maybe idiosyncratic enough for non-understanding.