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Sissy Danou ( aka Sishiva ), is one of the rare female psychedelic trance DJs in Greece, who is born in Athens.

Sishiva always had a passion with music therefore, her first contact with music was at the age of 9, when she started guitar & flute lessons. At the age of 14, starts listening to electronic music, and mostly trance. Eventually, she turns to be some of the lucky ones born with the ultimate ear, as we say, to recognize the notes effortlessly.

After Studies in Patras, Renovation of Buildings and in 2009, she returns to Athens to attend S.A.E. Studies of Audio Engineering and decides that this is what she always wanted to be! Begins to attend parties in her hometown Athens and loves the vibe and culture of the psychedelic trance scene. Practicing on daily basis, makes 2 projects and focuses mostly on forests sounds. She likes recording sounds of her imagination, amazing sounds of forests, and unique female vocals with friends, or even quotes from movies (Zeitgeist, Fearing and Loathing in Las Vegas, Red Rose e.t.c.)

Sishivas music is characterized dark, forest, atmospheric, psychedelic trance, groovy, funky, jazzy with night melodies! As Sijatin creates deep progressive psy night tunes.

While making music, starts playing regularly in Athens at both underground and club events. Creates releases in record companies and attends in record studios. She does sound check in music groups in Synch Festival and becomes assistant sound engineer. Starts playing in many locations, apart from Athens, such as Aurora Festival 2011, Psyculture 2010, Hybrid 2010, Earthdance Crete 2010, Grotesque Festival 2010, parties at clubs in Goa, and other city's all over the world.

Now Sishiva has joined a Greek dub /experimental group made since 2005, called Direct Connection. She works enthusiastically onstage console and while she prepares an album in forest deep atmosphere dark & psy trance, groovy style!