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hello my name is vyvian i am the collection of raw energy that drives the body that is responsible for the musical project known as !luuli. Ive been making music for a time span already. I have played several electronic music events. my music style has been described as being "alien" "killaargh" and "hyper-dimensional" but to me its just a bunch of speaker commands.. i hope when a listener experiences my music they will in some way expand their boundaries by stepping out of their comfort zones and therefore forcing their comfort zones to grow to fit their new scale. Through tools such as confusion tension humor fear and many others all fired at a fast and ever changing pace … i intend to make you feel uncomfortable.. and to force your brain to try and perceive things it had never thought plausible in the audio spectrum and thus force you to grow to new levels of "being able to handle it." no matter what "it" may be. I want to make what you previously thought to be intense now to sound simplistic and innocent. i want to swell gushing tidals of emotional waves over you as i am embrace after i am abrasive. i make music for people to feel. i don't make music for computers i don't make music for aliens i make music for beautiful people to practice their freedom to or to challenge themselves with.