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Marcus Constein

Phat progressive beats. 
Groovy Celestial Vibes.

What could I possibly write here to explain what is meant to be heard :)

I have been weaving the dreams of music since way back when back around 2000 and Reason 1.0 and even further back with Rebirth, Buzztracker, Fasttracker. and such. Now i'm working with both hardware and software, cubase, reason, ableton live. so forth and so on, I am always on the edge, learning new things all the time. I enjoy playing keyboards, melodica, djembes, tibetan singing bowls, bodies, and stuff that makes a nice sound.

Inspired by the possible mixtures of psychedelic, timeless, twisted, otherworldly musical texture with the soulful, funky, energetic old school music. I aim to crossbreed everything and nothing into new admixtures of potent energetic dance music. And lush out of body chillout vibes. 

I Play and perform live electronic dance music with ableton live and a bunch of midi controllers and machines that go boom boom tish. In a free intutive rich, moment to moment flowing way... 

You will be hardpressed to find a Live-set performance like this :) I dont even look at my laptop screen dude!

I study the old ways and arts of magical weaving of music by using specific frequencies, arrrangements, and tunings to accellerate conscioussness and open new portals towards the infinite.. soon this work will go public.

I vary in style alot, over my 10+ years of making music there are few "styles" I have not touched... Nowdays I focus on Psychedelic chillout music & dance music, Electronica and a blend of house and techno.. And ye, Remix competitions. I really enjoy remixes! :)