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Aum Sync

Aum Sync aka Subhash Nicholas ( Born 30 October 1987 , in Cochin , Kerala, India ) is a Psytrance Producer from the Beautiful City of Cochin (South India) .Nicholas started learning music at the age of eight and also he was born in a family which is highly influenced by Eastern Music . Nicholas started Producing Psytrance tunes in 2008 . He was the bassist of few bands in Cochin before hitting into the Psy Scene . He was introduced into the London Psy scene by few good mates in London when he went there for Higher Studies.His music is highly influential and is different. He wants to create music which spread peace and love in this world and he choose psytrance because he believes that psy is the best way to spread his thoughts and all. Now he is a full time psytrance musician. He is highly influenced by Artists Such as Astral Projection, Gms, 1200 mics, Space Buddha , Space Tribe , Arjuna ... etc etc