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Treebone is an electronic music producer. His ability to capture unique ideas in music as well as being distant from genre classification is his forte. His talent has brought himself to the stage in different environments. If there was a need for genre, the music would fall under Downtempo, ambience, timbre, with a small amount of glitch and bass. His music has variety which makes for a great headspace/dreamscape listening experience. This makes his work all the more special as it’s nothing specific and stays away from conformity. He has been producing music electronically with Ableton Live for 9 years. He has also played guitar for 17 years and has played the drums as well. He also enjoys playing piano and has learned from involvement with other musicians in the scene. He is eager to learn on his own which is remarkable, allowing his creativity to show. His all original set performances are known to be flawless and impressive because it’s something no one has ever heard before. His focus and determination is respected. This Minnesotan musician is always learning and taking directional shifts in his work. Stayed tuned for more and watch him grow.