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On the outskirts of the great cities of California, clandestine gatherings occur that blast sonic waveforms catalytic to chemical reactions within the mind. Most commonly held in the massive Mojave desert, the redwoods, and the chaparral elfin forest, these gatherings last for hours sending the listeners deep into a trance, connecting and unifying with nature, soaring through the cycles of time and space until omnipresence has been achieved. Wizards train and contemplate for years until the craft of psycho-kinesis via sonic manipulation creates such a powerful presence that all subconsciously succumb to it's awesome psychedelic trance. One of these wizards has caught these frequencies onto a foil disk and is willing to share a small portion of these secrets with the world. These frequencies are nocturnal in their nature, and illuminate when focused on. Enter Bodhi

A Bodhisattva is one who follows a path of omnipresence, enlightenment, and omnipotence, and encourages others to follow this path, which in this case uses music as a form of encouragement Just as in dreams, time as we know it does not exist in deep trance states. To escape time is to master it and control it. A lucid state of subconsciousness is required to escape time, leave your physical body, and return to the source, where all is possible. To better focus in this realm, channels of consciousness must be opened through channeled sound frequencies. As we progress through our evolution of the mind, the frequencies must evolve so that those in the present time succumb to them.