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Shinje - The God of Death - Takes the form of Danny Oldenburg in this realm. His music is made of pure dark vibrations and is meant to take you on a frightening journey inside your mind. His tracks will let you explore the darkest corners of your existence, break the illusion of reality and have you dancing in a deep state of trance. He started going to psychedelic parties in 2007, and quickly fell in love with dark psychedelic music. Started collecting good tracks and djing with some friends in underground areas. When the Swedish scene started focusing more on forest style dark he decided to go back to the roots of his enchantment and started producing real old school darkpsy in 2012, often with his friend in their project "Digital Mind Terror", where they have been featured on Scared Evil Records and Horrordelic Records since. In his solo project he is working with Psycana Records, Jellyfish Frequency Recordings and Mistikal Records.